For a totally relaxing experience try our massages, to pamper and relax your body and nourish it with new energy


Our massages will allow you to get rid of stress and enjoy a very pleasant feeling of relaxation.

RELAX – 50 minutes – 80 euro

Gentle, soft manual techniques are used to achieve ultimate relaxation. Performed with a mild cream and gentle pressure.


HAEMOLYMPHATIC DRAINAGE – 50 minutes – 80 euro

This full-body massage combines slow, rhythmic motions that follow the blood and lymph circulation system to promote the removal of toxins and liquids. It also decontracts muscles and has a toning effect on the nerves, connective tissue and muscle fibres.



DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE  – 50 minutes – 80 euro

Highly effective deep tissue massage. This technique is particularly effective at relieving tension in the body by decontracting the muscles. It is used to treat a wide variety of problems, improves posture and flexibility, and helps reduce the inflammation that causes pain.




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