Euganean Thermal baths of Abano Montegrotto

At the foot of the Euganean Hills Regional Park there are the Euganean Thermal baths, the most important thermal area for preventive health in Europe. A place to be reborn and experience a special holiday, dedicated to yourself, to rediscover your physical well-being and the sensation of feeling fit again.

In Montegrotto Terme there is another hotel of the SG Hotel group, the Hotel Mioni Royal San, with its own internal spa, specializing in mud therapy and inhalation treatments. In addition to the welcoming wellness areas, there is an indoor and outdoor thermal pool where you can relax surrounded by the warmth of the water.

The Euganean Thermal baths of Abano, Montegrotto, Galzignano, Battaglia and Teolo are the largest spa in Europe specializing in mud therapy and spa treatments. Founders of natural therapies, which in Roman times were defined Salus Per Aquam (which is then the origin of the acronym SPA), thermal therapies are born from water and earth, constituent elements of the environment and therefore better tolerated by our body.